Summer Photo Contest – Win Two Autographed Madison History Books

June 1, 2012 |

The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, in collaboration with the City of Madison, announces the Madison Landmark Summer Photo Contest!

Get out and about the city this summer. You’ll see many new Landmark plaques all over town.  Find and take your picture with as many of the 148 Landmark plaques as you can over the summer, and send them in.   Whoever submits the most photos will win two autographed Madison history books:

Madison: A History of the Formative Years  -by David Mollenhoff

Madison: The Illustrated Sesquicentennial History, Volume I, 1856-1931  –by Stuart Levitan

The City of Madison has 179 designated historic Landmarks. There are official plaques on (or near) 148 of them, including over 70 that were installed in the past year.  The city’s list of Landmarks, including address information, is available here. (Currently, this list is missing the most recently designated Landmark, Luther Memorial Church at 1021 University Ave.).

As you find the Landmarks and their plaques please be respectful of private property. Take your photos from the public sidewalk or right-of-way.

Contest rules:

  • Each photo must include at least the face of person submitting the photo and an official City of Madison Landmark plaque. (One photo per plaque, duplicates don’t count.)
  • Deadline:  photos must be submitted by September 30, 2012.
  • Submit photos to: – submit as many times as you need to during the contest period, just include your name and contact info with each submission.
  • Format: any digital format is acceptable. Just be sure that the resolution setting is high enough so we can tell where you are.

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