Heistand School, 2003 Award Winner

Hiestand School, 2003 Award Winner

The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation has presented the annual Historic Preservation Awards since 1989 (prior to that the event was coordinated jointly by City and County agencies).  The Awards recognize building, design and construction projects that seek to maintain the character of historic places or rehabilitate them for contemporary uses.  Commercial, residential and civic  projects are eligible. Projects may involve buildings, landscapes, or any element of the built environment.

There are also categories for long-term stewardship of historic places andpreservation advocacy, and in 2009 we introduced anew category the Future Landmark Award for Distinctive New Contemporary Design.

Eager Economy Building, 2009 Award Winner

Eager Economy Building, 2009 Award Winner

Past winners have included remodeling and rehabilitation projects, additions to historic buildings, compatible new construction on the site of a historic property, long-time advocates of the conservation of cultural resources in Madison, and projects in other nearby communities.

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