The contractors listed on this page have demonstrated that they are familiar with the unique issues of old buildings, and can work with them competently while being sensitive to vintage materials and historic character.

To get our endorsement and be listed here, contractors must be able to demonstrate, through their portfolio of projects, and through testimonials from clients that they have expertise in working with old buildings and vintage materials. They must be able to produce documentation or testimonials from at least three projects that include some element of restoration, preservation, or rehabilitation, and that involved consideration of the building’s historic character.

If your company would like to be listed here please contact the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation: 608-441-8864 -or-

General  Contractors

Architecture Services


Cleaning (floors, hard surfaces)

Design Services


Interior Design

 Log Buildings


Metal Roof Repair

Plaster and Stucco


These real estate professionals know Madison’s historic neighborhoods, and understand the benefits and responsibilities of buying and owning a historic property.

Windows, Repair

Windows, Replacement