Historic Architecture Walking Tour

UW-Madison Ag Campus | July 18

Moo-ve through the historic agricultural campus and learn about the scientific discoveries made within these 19th-century buildings of varied architectural styles. It’s so much more than cows (although you may see some of those too!).

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About Us

We believe that historic places are cultural resources and that their rehabilitation, restoration and preservation are vital to a sustainable approach to redevelopment of older parts of our community. We believe they are critical to cultivating a civic identity and sense of place. (Photo from Wisconsin Historical Society archives)

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Madison Trust preserves history through our seasonal walking tours, private tours and specialty tours. These tours showcase Madison’s historic architecture as well as our neighborhoods and illuminate the local history and heritage associated with them.



Tour participants in 2018

Join us on a tour! You’ll learn about architecture and the people who lived and worked in these historic, human-built structures.



Tours given in 2018

May through September trained volunteer docents led 32 walking tours through eight historic neighborhoods in Madison.



Years the tours have operated

Over the years our tours have shared our knowledge of the people and places that shaped Madison into what it is today.

What has made me happiest in my time with the Madison Trust is leading walking tours. My hope is that guests will get a new appreciation for the buildings that surround us. Every place has a story to tell and I’m glad to help those stories come alive.
— Michael Bridgeman, member and volunteer tour docent

Mansion Hill West Historic Architecture Walking Tour


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The Madison Trust values all of our amazing volunteers. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to offer many of our public programs such as the seasonal historic architecture walking tours. The ongoing support of patrons like you determines what the Trust is today and what it will be in years to come. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved.


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