Historic Homes Marketplace 

The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation audience is very interested in historic properties in the Madison area. Owners selling their property and listing brokers can reach this audience through our Historic Home Marketplace. We also include with this listing an email blast to all of our members when the property is listed and we will include a write up in our newsletters. Scroll down to submit a property.


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Please read our guidelines carefully for eligibility and cost information. Use the form below to submit a listing.  Once you have submitted, the Trust will send you an invoice and further instructions. 

To submit your entry for the Historic Homes Marketplace, please fill out the form below.  *All submissions must be submitted electronically.  

If you have any problems with the form or would prefer a different type of submission, please contact our office at info@madisonpreservation.org (for quicker response) or (608) 441-8864.

Historic Home Marketplace Submission Form

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Submission Date
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Owner(s) First and Last Name(s)
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Contact Name (if other than owner)
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Address of property to be listed
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Listing Agent Name
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Listing agents must be members at the $250 level or higher.
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Listing Agent Phone
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Up to 5 photographs can be emailed to info@madisonpreservation.org. Please include at least one exterior photograph.
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The Madison Trust will calculate your listing fee and send you an invoice. Send check to mailing address at the bottom of this page.