Historic Homes Marketplace Guidelines

Program standards

  1. Properties must be at least 50 years old.

  2. For listed properties:

    • Listing agent must be a current member at $250 level or higher.

    • Cost is $125 for members at $250 level.

    • Cost is $75 for members at $500 level and higher.

  3. For properties that are for sale by owner:

    • Seller must be a member of the Trust at any level.

    • Cost is $125 for members at $100 level and below.

    • Cost is $75 for members at $250 level and higher.

  4. One email blast to our mailing list and members with up to three (3) photos and a link to website.

  5. Every newsletter will have a section with historic properties for sale.

  6. Standard newsletter ad includes one photo, headline, up to 600 characters of text and link to agent’s website/listing.

  7. Add to appear in every newsletter until listing sells.

  8. Listing agent or seller to provide copy in Word file or email. Ad copy must be in complete, grammatically correct sentences and without abbreviations.

  9. Agent must maintain membership for ad to run. If membership expires, any ads currently running will be removed until membership is renewed.

  10. Payment must accompany ad copy and photos. Checks or credit card payments are accepted.

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